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Establishment of Our Company 

Our company was founded as a limited company initiative. Veysel Şahin, a chemical engineering graduate of Istanbul University, was one of the pioneers in the establishment. He had worked in various corporate firms, developed himself, and founded Oskar Kimya with an entrepreneurial spirit. The company has successfully overcome all economic crises to date, and it is known that this is due to its effective use of financial resources. Figen Şahin, who started working at Oskar Kimya in 2010, continues to work as a family business. She graduated from Yildiz Technical University with a degree in chemistry and completed her master's degree at the same university. She participated in the synthesis and applications of nanotechnological chemicals and took various courses. She also worked simultaneously for a year in the R&D laboratory of the corporate company within YTU. Oskar Kimya continues its R&D studies and carries out projects for industrial demands.

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